Friday, January 8, 2010

Thank you blackbearblackbear and Bug Junkie!

I'd like to take a moment to thank the good Lord for snow last night enabling me to work on creative things at home today (SNOW DAY- no school)!

I'd like to thank blackbearblackbear on the message board for inspiring me with her Nativity book. I decided to tackle one but how to do it was the next question! I downloaded and used her free cut file with Design Studio (which I love!), lengthened the pieces to allow the baby Jesus to peek out when the book was closed, cut the pieces in the colors of my choice and assembled them. Now what?

Enter Bug Junkie! Her incredible video tutorials about how to make a word/shape book helped me move on to the next step. Today I layered chipboard on the back piece of my book, covered the inside and now have the other pages to do (I tried using cereal boxes but found that to be a bit too heavy for my liking-I think I'll use posterboard for the others).

I also learned more about how to customize my blog layout. I have a feeling that'll be a never ending process!

I saw a quote today I liked..."The creative process takes its own course. If it did otherwise, it would not be creative." F. W. Martin

...and here it awaits for more chipboard, inside page coverings, the text, binding (that's what my Bind It All is for!) and maybe some bling. I am  planning to write the Nativity Story inside before giving it to my sweet granddaughter, Quinn.

Today I enjoyed the 'creative process!'

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