Friday, February 12, 2010

Christmas tags

While watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies I write this entry. I think of ALL the creativity that has gone into producing this spectacular event! It is so beautiful! I appreciate all of the artistic talent that's evident in every detail!

So now, to change the subject a bit, I'm finally posting a few pics of Christmas tags I made! They're from the Christmas Cheer, When It's cold Outside, and Winter Woodland carts.

You'll see the penguin above is a money holder. He's from the Christmas Cheer cartridge, a front and back cut out, some of the lines were hidden in the back so the tummy wasn't completely cut out (I should have taken a picture!) but some cuts were left in the tummy area to allow slipping in the money (I put a bigger bill in for the recipient at Christmas time!). Acetate covers the front tummy hole. It worked quite well!

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