Friday, August 13, 2010

God’s gift of summer and fall

It’s August and I’m wondering the same as most people…how can these summer days go by SO fast! While I’m sad about our beautiful summer coming to a close, I’m excited about the crisp fall season ahead. Fall gives me a time to regroup, reminisce of family traditions and settle into a more normal “crafting” time and routine. Summer days are spent outdoors – camping, fishing, time with family in our wonderful surroundings, without the binds of a regular schedule. Colder weather brings us inside…crafting, playing board/card games, playing with grandchildren and back to school. Today my daughter and I worked on note cards-cutting, stamping, ‘cricutting’, coloring, gluing- before she heads off to her PhD residency. A nice intro to God’s gift of the fall season. 

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